San Antonio USO center made a difference
  • Going back to 1988 here, but I was a new Airman in tech school at Lackland AFB. On a day off from training a buddy of mine and I went into San Antonio. We had no idea where to go or what to do. As we walked around we saw the USO center and were curious as to what it was. We entered and a kind older man welcomed us and told us about the center. Then an older woman brought us cold glasses of lemonade. We hung out in the air conditioning and played billiards and watched some t.v. Amazingly we were there about two hours and not a single other serviceman came in while we were there. We felt like two kings for that brief amount of time. We thanked the hosts for their kindness and off we went but I will never forget how welcomed we felt and how well we were treated.

    Air Force