Sharing the love for baseball with family
  • I would like to thank Liberty USO for a great opportunity to share my love for baseball and my team with my family. We’re about be stationed OCONUS and while we were in the area, the Liberty USO helped me to take my family out to a ball game one last time, especially during this year’s Cubs great run. The team at the Liberty USO were beyond amazing and helpful. They were simply unbelievable, the top professionals among the other USOs. From communication and concern to hospitality and friendliness. As this was our first time in Philadelphia, it was not a mystery why. This is truly a city of brotherly love. All the people we met: the USO, the stadium, out in town, they were beyond friendly and very opening, despite us donning Cubs gear from head to toe. The Phillies/Cubs game was once in a lifetime experience that my family will remember forever. They were able to watch the blowout out up close from seats right behind first plate! They were able to see all the action and all the players from unbelievable distance. With our gloves ready, the only disappointment my children had was that they were unable to catch a foul ball. Despite that I know they’ll still remember it forever. All thankfully to this great organization. Again, I would like to thank the Liberty USO for everything. I can’t say it enough how amazing they were.