Thanksgiving at Coast Guard Sector San Diego
  • On Thanksgiving 1959, I was a 17 year old recruit at the Cape May Coast Guard Training Center. It was my first Thanksgiving away from family, and I had no place to go while on liberty that day. I somehow found myself at the USO in either Cape May or Wildwood. I felt sad and lonely, and must have looked the same way. Then a pretty young girl came over to me and asked if I had a place to go for Thanksgiving dinner. I said no, and was elated when she invited me to her home to have dinner with her and her father. It was a great feeling to be cared about, and I never forgot that day. Now I’m in the Coast Guard Auxiliary in San Diego, and my wife and I have the honor of serving Thanksgiving dinner to the Sector San Diego duty crew and to all the Coasties who have no other place to go for Thanksgiving dinner. This Thanksgiving we hosted our 3rd annual catered dinner at the base and look forward to many more……. The warm memory of my 1959 USO experience has never been forgotten…………..

    US Coast Guard Veteran