United at bedtime
  • I am just writing to thank the NJ/PA Chapter of the USO for providing their United Through Reading Program. I am currently on my 6th deployment, leading one to believe I’m an old pro at the whole thing. The biggest change this go around is that I am not a husband and father. I left home when my daughter was 11 months old and won’t see her again until she is 20 months. Fortunately my wife and I have established a bedtime routine that includes sharing bedtime story books. With the support of the USO I was able to record a number of books onto DVD for my wife to use at bedtime. I’m told they are a hit and that my daughter will not go to bed without watching at least one video of Dad. Its nice to know that while I can’t be there to physically hold her and read stories she gets to see me and hear my voice every night. Thank you so much for providing this service and being part of my small and young families deployment routine.

    US Army National Guard