You Made the Whole Day Worthwhile
  • On behalf of the 379th Expeditionary Civil Engineering Squadron Force Protection flight I want to say THANK YOU very much for your support during the holidays.  The care packages we received from your organization were absolutely amazing.  They came at the perfect time of the year.  We work hard and very long down here and to come in from the austere weather after working 12-14 hours and to see boxes of “love” that you sent made the whole day worthwhile.  It’s amazing to see the amount of support we get from the people back home, we know it had to take lots of volunteer hours to put all those packages together and we want you to know the time was not wasted, we truly enjoyed EVERYTHING.  So please pass this along to the people at WAWA and thank them for their bringing a little bit of the US to the desert.  I have attached a picture with a few people holding up the coffee that was sent, I hope you can tell by the smiles on their faces (with the exception of the guy in the middle, that’s the best he can do for a smile) how much we appreciate the kindness you have shown us.

    SMSgt. Coleman (USAF)
    379th Expeditionary Civil Engineering Squadron Force Protection